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I love working with wool, the feel of it in my hands is very comforting and relaxing. I also love trying new projects, this is why the blog was started. I'm married to a wonderful guy for 30 years. Yes I was a child bride! We have 3 wonderful children, Erin, Gabrielle and Jimmy. Also a cat named Lily, more Queen Lily as she rules the house.

Monday, March 1, 2010

update on wool quilt

Hello Groupies

Here is an update on my quilt. As you can see I am getting along but slowly, like a turtle.

I love doing this, but I have such a hard time deciding what goes where! LOL I will get this done!

Have a happy, happy Monday!


Brenda said...

Oh, it's so cute! Nice job! B=)

sunnisandy said...

Thank you Brenda obviously it is no where near done lol but I am working on it! lol How about you have you started one yet?

JAM said...

I love your start! The squares and flying geese look great on it. So glad I could see it...JAM

sunnisandy said...

Joann thank you for your kind words, but most importantly thank you for the book and sharing this with all of us!

Sara Lechner said...

Sandy, I like very much what I see here. You decided what goes where very good! I put it as a wallpaper for today on my computer (I change it every day!)

Robin Hill Quilts said...

Your block looks great! I l0ve the flying geese as well~It is a challenge to decide where to put something and what stitch to use,,but then we just dive in!! I was so glad to get my foundation piece done so I could begin the fun stuff!!

sunnisandy said...

Thank you Sara abd Robin for your kind words, I am trying to do a good job. I love it!

Penne said...

That looks great......I really like that little patchwork you did. Very cute

sunnisandy said...

TY Penne your very kind! TY for joining my blog, there are so many nice people out here!