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I love working with wool, the feel of it in my hands is very comforting and relaxing. I also love trying new projects, this is why the blog was started. I'm married to a wonderful guy for 30 years. Yes I was a child bride! We have 3 wonderful children, Erin, Gabrielle and Jimmy. Also a cat named Lily, more Queen Lily as she rules the house.

Friday, February 25, 2011

?? been away ??

Hello there all, I just noticed the date on my last posting.... I guess it has been a while.
I'll bet you thought I was away on an exotic island with a handsome guy, just frolicking
in the sand and surf. Oh how one could wish and dream, right?
Well there are a couple of things that would make this impossible...... I am happily married and
one other important, I haven't started my beach weather diet as of yet......
So here I am sitting here in the living room with sweat pants, sweatshirt, sneakers and a shawl on
trying to keep warm. Yes although it warmed up a bit today it has dropped down a bit and now
we are getting a bit more snow. It won't amount to much but it just adds to the piles we still have
outside. I know there are flowers to bloom out there somewhere! My hens and chickens that
I brought in from outside last November (it was a last minute decision) are eager to get back outside.
Thats my little hen sitting next to the plant she was a bit of fun to make. But then again I enjoy 
making any kinds of birds.
Then I was working on a swap, our assignment was to embroider the swap partners initial on a 
piece of material so they could make something of it. Her color of choice was teal, that is why I 
chose that. I also threw in a little house with her last name initial. I do hope she enjoys what I did.
Then for the next fun project I was working on..........another banner
It says I love sewing...I am not a photogaphic specialist as you can see. I real need to figure how to make this picture better. But beleive me it came out really cute of I do say so myself. Now what to do with it..
.......I shall come up with soemthing soon I hope!
Well I believe I have taken up enough of your time, I am off to catch up with some other blogs to see what you all have been up too! I'm sure all of you have been very busy. So until next time happy creating but most of all have fun!