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I love working with wool, the feel of it in my hands is very comforting and relaxing. I also love trying new projects, this is why the blog was started. I'm married to a wonderful guy for 30 years. Yes I was a child bride! We have 3 wonderful children, Erin, Gabrielle and Jimmy. Also a cat named Lily, more Queen Lily as she rules the house.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

a new sewer

So today I watched my great niece for a bit. Today was the perfect opportunity to show her a bit about sewing I thought........
Her biggest thrill was pulling the thread out from the skein! Also taking breaks and looking around my sewing room. But it didn't turn out to bad. We then sewed it on the machine to stuff it. She held the footie and made the needle go up and down lol. It was a blast. She ended up deciding it would be a cute little pillow for her baby.
After she left I made up the banner my sister and I will hang for our tea party for the great nieces of ours.
Started with a vinyl tablecloth I picked up for 1.70 on mark down.
Then onto cutting, sewing, pinning, sewing more, cutting and the finished product I am sorry to say I could not get my camera to get a great picture of. Sew here is a glimpse of the banner.....
It looks better than this picture does lol.
For the next big news. I stumbled on a new blog  http://cplgblog.blogspot.com/  really great sights on it. In fact one of the blogs that I so love visiting, http://harvestmoonbythelake.blogspot.com/ , Leanne, has her creations and is part of the blog. It was such a special tumble onto it. The day I saw it was Thursday and come to find out they were having a giveaway, guess what I won it! It is a beautiful doll. She is going to fit right in with all my other dolls "hanging" around the house.
When I get her in I will be sure to take a great picture of her in her new home!
Have a fantastic weekend...................Sandy

Saturday, March 26, 2011

spring at last?

Well spring, sprang this week. But somebody forgot to tell Mother Nature, because it was a cold wet week. We had snow flurries, rain, low temps. I mean it is New England and what would spring be like if we did not have fools weather like we did? Some people have told me they have daffodils and crocuses blooming, but I have not seen them in my yard. Now today was a beautiful Saturday the sun was shining so brightly in the sky, but it was cold! As I am sitting here in the kitchen with the sun brightening my day I am FREEZING!
Today I made some little flower pin cushions, I have made them before, so easy to do, not a thought goes into them. I think I needed to do this little fun project just for fun.
You make them on a golf tee, and then place them in a spool to use while you are sewing. Or in my case just to add more pin cushions on my work table. Love them......
I finished this past week my sewing book that I had gotten from  http://atthehoneysuckletree.blogspot.com/ . A really great blog. Here is my finished work.
It came out pretty good if I do say so myself. It was a nice change doing some cross stitching. I had not done it in a while.
And last but not least, this past week my daughter and I made a fabulous recipe we had seen on the Create TV channel, New Scandinavian Cooking, pan seared scallops, with grapefruit. I have to say so easy to make, so fresh to eat, we were trying to bring spring to our house a bit earlier than it actually wants too!
It makes my mouth water just looking at it. And yes if you make a great and delicious dish to eat, I say take a picture of it and share!
Happy, happy, crafting! Enjoy your week.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saturday Fun

Well last Saturday spent the day with my sister. This is some of what we did.
I really should clarify this, what Gayle did lol. I am not a paper craft person too much, I mean I make things here and there, but mostly material is my thing. We sat together for about 3 hrs just catching up (we don't get too much chat time alone) then we did some photo's, she is such a great photographer. Well anyone is better than me! Here is something she perfected for me.
I love it. That is when we moved into her craft room, a light bulb just went off I should have taken a photo for you to see. Anyways, she said I have these thought we could make some bookmarks or whatever. Right then and there I grab 3 and set to work. I paint them, I go through an old book it's working (my mind) and then I glue and paste, and then I lost it. So needless to say I sat there dumb founded. So I chatted and she created, they came out well I must say.
So this is other things I have been working on
Just something I thought I would throw together for the Easter table. Should probably do some sewing on this. This is just the beginning.
And then I have been doing some cross stitching, don't you just love it when a pattern comes out to your liking, it is going to be a needle book. I finished the outside in this photo. I have to finish the inside, since I waited a few days to post this it is almost done. Hopefully by the weekend I will have it done to show off. I saw this pattern on a very beautiful site  http://www.thesamplergirl.com/  alot of talent on this site. They do absolutely beautiful work. 
Well enough of me taking up your time, happy crafting whether you are sewing or painting. It keeps us out of trouble right?

Friday, February 25, 2011

?? been away ??

Hello there all, I just noticed the date on my last posting.... I guess it has been a while.
I'll bet you thought I was away on an exotic island with a handsome guy, just frolicking
in the sand and surf. Oh how one could wish and dream, right?
Well there are a couple of things that would make this impossible...... I am happily married and
one other important, I haven't started my beach weather diet as of yet......
So here I am sitting here in the living room with sweat pants, sweatshirt, sneakers and a shawl on
trying to keep warm. Yes although it warmed up a bit today it has dropped down a bit and now
we are getting a bit more snow. It won't amount to much but it just adds to the piles we still have
outside. I know there are flowers to bloom out there somewhere! My hens and chickens that
I brought in from outside last November (it was a last minute decision) are eager to get back outside.
Thats my little hen sitting next to the plant she was a bit of fun to make. But then again I enjoy 
making any kinds of birds.
Then I was working on a swap, our assignment was to embroider the swap partners initial on a 
piece of material so they could make something of it. Her color of choice was teal, that is why I 
chose that. I also threw in a little house with her last name initial. I do hope she enjoys what I did.
Then for the next fun project I was working on..........another banner
It says I love sewing...I am not a photogaphic specialist as you can see. I real need to figure how to make this picture better. But beleive me it came out really cute of I do say so myself. Now what to do with it..
.......I shall come up with soemthing soon I hope!
Well I believe I have taken up enough of your time, I am off to catch up with some other blogs to see what you all have been up too! I'm sure all of you have been very busy. So until next time happy creating but most of all have fun!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

the hot chick

I forgot to add the hot chick how silly of me! Here she is.........

valentine mat

Well we had another snow storm last week, maybe another in the works for this Wednesday. I honestly think the weatherman is afraid to say anything anymore, we have so much.  I actually like the snow does not bother me in the least, but when is there enough? 
So with this week's snow and looking forward to spring, yes I am still seeing a simmer of light through that pile of snow. I decided to make something for Valentines day. It is not a big day but would this tabletop just brighten things up around all this cold and snow?

It was alot of fun to make but getting the frame of it down was a bit of a challenge. But I made it work!
Then I am fiddling with some birds again, out of all that I did this was the last and she the hot little chick is going right on my table for company to Mr. Crow the grouch! Maybe she will spread a little cheer to him. Miss Chick did say she liked his cap, he just crawed.
Well hope you all have an excellent week!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

bird banner day!

So yesterday we had another snow storm here in the north, we are getting slammed this year in Rhode Island. But then again this is ok with me, although I was sitting at my desk at work thinking it sure would be nice to get outside in the garden. Yes I do daydream a bit (ok alot) at work. But be honest who does not. Some of the greatest ideas come from sitting at a desk when they should be working.
Today I made a banner, first one I have ever attempted to make. I must say I was a bit impressed with it. Actually I have always wanted to make one and what a better way then to use the birds I have been making and trying to figure out what to do with them.
So what do you think? Not bad for a first timer?
Then I finished a wall hanging with some feathered friends.
I think my mind has gone to the birds, or maybe I am just thinking to much about spring lately?
Well going to head to the sewing machine and fix my husbands pants, he has been after me for a while to do this. But I told him if I don't have that feeling of fixing them at the right time they just won't come out right (I only have to fix the waistband lol). So I am off to the mending! Wish me luck.