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Saturday, December 11, 2010

what to do with the birds

Hi everyone,
Well I have been  neglecting my blog and I said I would not do this, so I am sorry. I love reading everyone's blog and did some catching up today. There is a lot of beautiful work going on for the Holidays, and just pure fun for all! Thank you blog land for making it easy to meet new and exciting, talented people.
I have been making birds and more birds. Not for the tree. I want to do something else with them. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to use them?
Here are a few of them,
As usual my photos do them no justice!
I also made a nice head rest piece for the back of the chair in my computer/sewing room. I love how the colors came out on this piece!
Who would have thought "pennies" could be so decorative and so easy to use!
Happy sewing and hope your Holidays are coming along smoothly.


Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Love those birds, and the penny head rest. I love pennies! Hmmm, how big are the birds? they are cute! Attach them to a stick and push them into your potted indoor plants. Add a pin back. Attach a hair clip for a little girl. If they were double-sided I'd say hang in front of a window with some fishing line.

paulette said...

Michelle has some great ideas...I was thinking penny rug with branches criss-crossing. Such sweet birds...whatever you do, it's going to be cute!!
Take care!

Lenae May said...

Hi Sandy!

Wonderful stitch work my dear!!
I wanted to drop in and thank you for participating in my drawing!
I love doing drawings...I like to participate in them myself.

The happiest of holidays to you!

sunnisandy said...

Thank you ladies for your comments, I was actually thinking of hanging them in the window, great "pennies" think alike! I also decided yesterday to make a few with no backings and attach them to wool for a wall hanging, I will let you know how I make out. As always thank you for reading my blog!