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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saturday Fun

Well last Saturday spent the day with my sister. This is some of what we did.
I really should clarify this, what Gayle did lol. I am not a paper craft person too much, I mean I make things here and there, but mostly material is my thing. We sat together for about 3 hrs just catching up (we don't get too much chat time alone) then we did some photo's, she is such a great photographer. Well anyone is better than me! Here is something she perfected for me.
I love it. That is when we moved into her craft room, a light bulb just went off I should have taken a photo for you to see. Anyways, she said I have these thought we could make some bookmarks or whatever. Right then and there I grab 3 and set to work. I paint them, I go through an old book it's working (my mind) and then I glue and paste, and then I lost it. So needless to say I sat there dumb founded. So I chatted and she created, they came out well I must say.
So this is other things I have been working on
Just something I thought I would throw together for the Easter table. Should probably do some sewing on this. This is just the beginning.
And then I have been doing some cross stitching, don't you just love it when a pattern comes out to your liking, it is going to be a needle book. I finished the outside in this photo. I have to finish the inside, since I waited a few days to post this it is almost done. Hopefully by the weekend I will have it done to show off. I saw this pattern on a very beautiful site  http://www.thesamplergirl.com/  alot of talent on this site. They do absolutely beautiful work. 
Well enough of me taking up your time, happy crafting whether you are sewing or painting. It keeps us out of trouble right?

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Lenae May said...

Hi Sandy!!! Happy spring to you but here in Michigan it doesn't look like spring at all! It doesn't feel like spring either at a smooth 20 degrees...yeesh...will it EVER end! You look like you've been busy too...great projects!
I have found that I have been so deep in ideas that I have neglected my blog...time just seems to fly! Last night I dozed off in bed...woke back up and an adorable stocking idea popped into my head. I wasn't going to get out of my warm bed into the cold but I was so afraid I would forget it, I jumped out and ran after my sketchbook! Brrrrr. I think I might work on that one really soon...it's just a fun one.
Take care and thanks for dropping in for a greeting!!