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Saturday, April 2, 2011

a new sewer

So today I watched my great niece for a bit. Today was the perfect opportunity to show her a bit about sewing I thought........
Her biggest thrill was pulling the thread out from the skein! Also taking breaks and looking around my sewing room. But it didn't turn out to bad. We then sewed it on the machine to stuff it. She held the footie and made the needle go up and down lol. It was a blast. She ended up deciding it would be a cute little pillow for her baby.
After she left I made up the banner my sister and I will hang for our tea party for the great nieces of ours.
Started with a vinyl tablecloth I picked up for 1.70 on mark down.
Then onto cutting, sewing, pinning, sewing more, cutting and the finished product I am sorry to say I could not get my camera to get a great picture of. Sew here is a glimpse of the banner.....
It looks better than this picture does lol.
For the next big news. I stumbled on a new blog  http://cplgblog.blogspot.com/  really great sights on it. In fact one of the blogs that I so love visiting, http://harvestmoonbythelake.blogspot.com/ , Leanne, has her creations and is part of the blog. It was such a special tumble onto it. The day I saw it was Thursday and come to find out they were having a giveaway, guess what I won it! It is a beautiful doll. She is going to fit right in with all my other dolls "hanging" around the house.
When I get her in I will be sure to take a great picture of her in her new home!
Have a fantastic weekend...................Sandy

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