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I love working with wool, the feel of it in my hands is very comforting and relaxing. I also love trying new projects, this is why the blog was started. I'm married to a wonderful guy for 30 years. Yes I was a child bride! We have 3 wonderful children, Erin, Gabrielle and Jimmy. Also a cat named Lily, more Queen Lily as she rules the house.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

wedding news!

Well they did it, it was the most beautiful, special, romantic, exciting, I just don't know how I can express this more. Yes, my daughter and her "boyfriend" got married. It was wonderful the whole thing. I think and I hope I am speaking for everyone but there was not one unhappy person at this wedding. Oh yah would you like to see a photo? I don't mind showing you because then I can see it again lol.
This is after the ceremony outside of the church. That was even fun crowding everyone on the steps of the church.
Here are the husband and wife dancing there first dance. There good friend sang there favorite song. Wish I could remember  at this time the name of the song. But all in all Erin and Alan worked very hard on this special day and it was. I wish I could express myself to them how special and wonderful they are.
They mean the world to me, well to a lot of people. Love you Erin and Alan! OK the tears are starting to come down a bit to hard, so to move on.
I have been working on a few projects and hope to share them with you soon. I have to finish up a swap right now, mushroom house, pin cushion. What a perfect time of the year to be working on sewing don't think? The nice cool weather, early evenings. Life is pretty darn good don't you think!
Be well until next time!


Lenae May said...

I LOVE weddings! Even your daughters puts a lump in my throat! Beautiful! Just beautiful!

I wanted to drop my and let you know that your in the hat for my captured fairie drawing.
I will be posting the winner tomorrow on my blog.
Thank you for stopping by and participating in my fun!
I'm planning another drawing give away so be sure to sign up on my website for my newsletter. I let everyone know the details by this along with project updates.

Ohh...by the way..I LOVE working with wool too ;)
Lovely to have you drop by!

sunnisandy said...

Thank you Lenae May for the kind words, this wedding was the best!
I have signed up for your newsletter to keep up with your work, your imagination is wonderful.

pezgirlswords said...

I loved the wedding also! It is so fun to look back at all the photos also......